Skinside Out Hardcover

Skinside Out Hardcover

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Go behind the marketing hype, glossy magazine adverts and fancy television commercials to find out the real story of skin.


  • You know what skin is, but do you realise what it does and how it works?
  • Are you compelled to buy the latest ‘must-have’ products without a second thought about whether they work?
  • Do you want to make healthy skin choices for life?


Skin doesn’t lie; it reflects our overall health in unimaginable ways.

On a mission to save peoples’ skin, self-confessed skin nerd Robyn McAlpine has delivered SKINSIDE OUT, the first book of its kind to deeply explain the intricacies of our largest organ and how we can work with nature to have the best skin of our lives.

SKINSIDE OUT is a book about beauty and the science of how skin works, giving you insight into how your skin condition is a manifestation of your thoughts, stresses, diet, gut health and environment. It’s not an infomercial begging you to buy the latest ‘must have’ products, nor is it a text book guaranteed to provoke glazed eyes by the end of chapter one. Instead, you’ll embark on a fun-filled, informative journey that will empower you to make healthy skin choices for life, with a newfound love and appreciation for the humble skin cell and the skin you’re in.

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and your body will love you from the SKINSIDE OUT.

Robyn McAlpine is a big skin nerd, skin lover and BS hater. She loves dispelling skin myths and breaking down the beauty industry hype with skin science and common sense, to prevail over fad beauty treatments and miracle skincare products. Her career began in beauty therapy well over a decade ago and her unbridled curiosity lead her to study corneotherapy, focusing on skin anatomy and physiology of skin cells and their function. This fuelled her passion for skin health and she adapts these methodologies into her practice at SkintifiX, her skin clinic based in Newcastle, NSW. When not saving skins or creating the best facials on the planet, Robyn loves to travel off the beaten track, hike through the bush, climb mountains and make friends in new places. She believes pineapple belongs on pizza and that you are at your most attractive when you are living a life that you love.


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